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I currently serve the following locations in the greater Los Angeles area

Lakewood  Bellflower  Cerritos  Artesia  Norwalk  Gardena  Long Beach

and surrounding areas

Because your pet's safety is my top priority, certain things are required before services can begin

  •   All pets must have current vaccinations (especially rabies)

  •   Puppies must be 4 months or older and have had all their puppy vaccinations including rabies to be walked in public. 

  •   Identification must be on all dogs as well as rabies tags. These can be on the collar or harness.

  •   All dogs MUST be okay with me entering the home in the owner's absence. Any aggression will result in me not                 providing services.

  •  Cancellations must given within 8 hours notice or you will be charged for the service.

  •  Before service can begin, all new clients are required to complete the information in the Dotimely app for themselves         and their pet(s) as well as read and consent to the service agreement. (I will enter your basic contact information so a     welcome email can be sent with the link)

  •  If your pet has any allergic reactions to certain plants or insects, please indicate in the notes section of the Dotimely        app under Pet information.

  • If your dog is not spayed/neutered, this may limit the times and places your dog will be walked. 

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