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Personal Recommendations

         The following consists of recommendations if you choose to use KitsnK9s for pet care services.

  • If your pet has any fears, please make sure to list them on the Pet Info section of the Dotimely app. Giving ideas of what generally calms your pet(s) is always helpful

  • Consider arranging one or two dog walks before you leave. This is especially helpful if you have a dog that is nervous or protective. 

  • If you have a pet with an illness or an older pet, letting your veterinarian know who will be watching your pet can save time in the event of an emergency. This is especially helpful if your pet has begun taking a new medication not long before you leave. 

  • Letting me know the brand and type of food your pet eats is helpful in the event they run out. Same goes for treats if they are given treats. 

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