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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

How many dogs can you walk at once?

I only walk the dog or dogs in the household. During the meet and greet, I discuss any training the dog or dogs have had, and work out the safest process to walk each and every dog in the household. Two large dogs are not uncommon and I have walked three small dogs.

Why do you only walk one household at a time instead of "pack walks"?

I just prefer to offer the one to one attention to a singular household. This is beneficial to owners of dogs that may not do well with other animals, are in the process of being socialized, dogs with mobility issues or  those shy pups who aren't social butterflies. My goal is to keep your dog as comfortable and safe as possible on a walk. 

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

Yes. If you hire me, I send you an invitation to the dotimely app which is what I use for appointments and as a customer/pet database. In it, you will enter all the information about your pet including your veterinarian. 
I have a page on the site where I list some recommendations for anyone who hires me as their pet care provider. Included is my suggestion of letting your vet know who will be taking care of your babies.

What experience do you have in regards to working with animals?

My personal experience with animals spans decades. I grew up on a farm and many of our dogs and cats were strays. I was always ready to help our veterinarian with tending to any of our farm animals or domestic pets.

I have over a decade working in veterinary hospitals ranging in experience from kennel attendant to veterinary assistant. I worked for seven years as a dog care attendant at a cage free boarding facility and have volunteered for several rescue organizations. I have a Red Cross certification for Pet First Aid.

I am currently the owner of a rescue dog and cat. 

What level of care do you offer clients' pets?

My goal is to provide the safest, enjoyable and stress free care that I possibly can. I want to keep your pets' routines the same as if you were home. Whether it's a walk, checking in to provide dinner and some attention or an overnight, my priority is your pet's well being.

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